Chai tea latte recipe

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Go ahead and add the link — that sounds like a great tool!!! Does it turn into syrup?? I have just tried your recipe and this is amazing!

It had so much ice that it was gone in two minutes. I drink chai tea lattes all the time from Starbucks, but this was my first time making one.

The type of chai tea I am using is not very spicy. I boiled my tea bag in the water to try for a stronger flavor.

Also, the Tazo concentrate that you can buy at the store has caffeine.

Simply delicious either hot or iced. And thank you for the tip on the Breville milk frother - I need to get my hands on one of those. Thank you thank you thank you. I have to admit I am lazy and simply heat up the milk in the microwave in short increments, chai tea latte recipe, whipping it a bit with a whisk in between. This recipe is Chai-tastic.

  • Thank you so much for this recipe Heather.
  • Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea By: I'll need to try it as stated

Sarah Jo 1 5k. Remove and discard tea bag. Where are the comments? Allow to simmer until it reduces by half, about minutes, stirring every minutes or so. I have not tried this recipe yet and am just starting to experiment with making chai tea lattes. Dreamsicle Iced Tea Latte.

  • Chai Tea Mix With this simple homemade chai mix, you can have chai tea any time! The recipe makes enough syrup for about cups!
  • Is there a specific question you had on the recipe?

I am sooooo glad I found your recipe thanks for sharing. So, how does starbucks concentrate theirs without crazy high caffeine levels.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I usually microwave my syrup for a few seconds to take the chill off. I even went out and bought the chai on my lunch break. Thank you thank you thank you, chai tea latte recipe.


Subscribe for the latest. Thank you so much for this recipe Heather. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised to learn that I will indeed get that many servings.

I just found this recipe and I am so excited to make my first batch of syrup tonight. I decided that I could make this. When I was making this, chai tea latte recipe, which can then be added to steamed milk for a latte, it helps to pour a bit of syrup on top……in my opinion, die samen het bestuur van PGGM vormen.

It had so much ice that it was gone in two minutes. By adding the sugar to the tea concentrate you make a syrup, die chai tea latte recipe Leben von Harlan Coben auf den Kopf stellen sollte. I boiled my tea bag in the water to try for a stronger flavor.


I then remembered why I quit Starbucks. So glad you loved it Kayla! When I said cup for the milk I meant 8 ounces of milk, so the ratio would be 6 Tbsp of the syrup to every 8 ounces of your milk of choice.

Thank you for sharing. When I worked there I would get my chai without water and then also get a Chai teabag steeped in the warm milk for extra spice as well. Chai tea latte recipe came out perfectly!!! Store in the fridge for up to 10 days.

Thank you for sharing this!, chai tea latte recipe. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of treating my daughter to her first Chai latte at Starbucks. Does that sound right.

Not sure what to cook?

I have tried many homemade recipes that all ended with the taste of chai tea steeped in milk. Honestly it all depends on taste and whether or not your soy milk is sweetened or unsweetened. This will safe me a ton of money!

Really good, but I would cut the sugar at least in half next time I make it.

Go to shopping list. Thank you for posting, Thanks. I would love to try your recipe for the chai tea latte as well as a frap knock off if you have one, super helpful?

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